July 4th from the lake

Just as we did last year, we spent July 4th on the lake from my brother-in-law’s backyard. Water fights, fishing, boating fun, fireworks and many many laughs filled our 4th this year. It was one fantastic start to what became a great long weekend. The fact that the long weekend ended with my birthday (on the 6th) was just a bonus. Point is, the 4th this year was awesome.
July 14 (1)July 14 (2)July 14 (3)July 14 (4)^Girl Power! With all of my nieces, out on a paddle boat. Love these girls.^
July 14^Water Fight! My favourite picture from the day.^
July 14 (5)July 14 (6)July 14 (7)July 14 (8)July 14 (9)July 14 (10)Birthday Flowers^Such a sweet surprise ~ Birthday Flowers! From one of my brothers & his girlfriend. A lovely end to a beautiful weekend!^



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Fitness Challenge (to myself) | Week 4

^Days that start out with bright beautiful sunshine are the best, in my opinion^
View Weeks 1 here, Week 2 here and Week 3 here.
If anyone had told me that I would manage 30 minutes on the elliptical I wouldn’t have believed them. Instead I would have laughed. But, turns out I can and did. I may not have managed to last a work out everyday but in my view I accomplished more than I thought I could. More than I believed that I could.
This challenge isn’t stopping for me either. I’ve continued doing it. I just won’t be documenting it. Except perhaps with photos that include me in them ;)
Results of 30 minutes on the elliptical:
Day 22: 3.0 miles,  248 calories burned
Day 23: skipped  <– Had a little case of the Mondays.
Day 24: 3.0 miles, 249 calories burned
Day 25: skipped
Day 26: skipped
Day 27: 3.2 miles, 264 calories burned <– Woop, wasn’t expecting myself to improve on my goal of 3.0 miles, but I did. Sometimes, it does help to skip a day (or two)!
Day 28: skipped
Day 29: 3.1 miles, 253 calories burned <– Wasn’t into it but I dragged myself onto that elliptical and survived the 30 mins.
Day 30: 3.2, 264 calories burned <– Ended the challenge with a bang! *pat on the back*
Weight lost: 1.0lb. And feeling wonderful.
For the month of June I did 42.8 miles and lost 3.5lbs. I’m pretty happy & proud of those numbers. Plus I gained all the inspiration I needed to continue doing what I now know that I can do!  No more excuses.



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Fitness Challenge (to myself) | Week 3

2014-06-20_16-47-13^Enjoying as much of the beautiful warm sunny days while they’re here, with my sweet girl^
View Week 1 here & Week 2 here.
Week 3 I increased my elliptical time to 25 minutes. Not going to lie; it was hard. However, the last 5 minutes are amazing. Could be that I’m finally enjoying working out or just happy that it’s almost over. I’m guessing the latter. I skipped a few days, this time due to just being busy. Thankfully no headaches like I had in Week 2. For Week 4 I planned to increase time to 30 minutes, but given how Week 3 went and the difficulty finding time, I’ve decided to let myself off the pressure. If I can do 30 minutes, pat on the back to me. And if not, I’ll do what I can. Something is always better than nothing.
Results for Week 3:
Day 15: 2.4 miles, 196 calories burned
Day 16: skipped
Day 17: 2.4 miles, 200 calories burned  <– so determined to hit 2.5 miles!
Day 18: skipped
Day 19: skipped
Day 20: 2.5 miles, 212 calories burned  <– I guess the break helped!
Day 21:2.5 miles, 210 calories burned
Weight lost: 0.5lbs. As I said above, something is always better than nothing. Regardless of what the scale shows, I feel great. That’s the important thing. But with that said, I know that I can do better. Here’s to giving it my best for Week 4!


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