Iced Matcha Green Tea

A little over a month ago, I stumbled upon this delicious looking drink on Pinterest. I pinned it, of course. Then did a search on the internet for the “magical” sounding green powder and made a purchase. This is the exact one I ordered (if you’re curious). The not-so-patient waiting game followed until finally I had it in my hands to try it!
For a caffeine fix, I typically choose coffee. Though I would never pass up a cup of tea either. However, I’d still come home every day after work feeling a weight of exhaustion from the day.  I can happily say that after having just one iced matcha green tea drink in the morning, every day for at least the past two weeks, that I’ve never felt more energized and awake and alive in my entire life! The green powder truly is magical, and you only need 1/2 a tablespoon of it, for the whole day. Now, I do still have moments of feeling tired – if my body doesn’t get enough sleep it will let me know – but I no longer get those awful mid-morning &/or afternoon crashes and best of all, even with lack of sleep, I still have energy to make it through the day.
View the “Fun & Fabulous Facts” to learn more about what matcha is and it’s benefits along with the recipe for a Matcha Frappe here (same link as posted above). I didn’t get all fancy with mine, hence the name “iced” matcha green tea.
This is how I chose to make mine:
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 Tbl matcha green tea powder, 1 heaping Tbl raw honey, a pinch of salt. Blend together in your blender until ingredients have combined. Add 1/2 cup of ice. Blend together again in your blender until the mixture is smooth. Enjoy!




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July 4th from the lake

Just as we did last year, we spent July 4th on the lake from my brother-in-law’s backyard. Water fights, fishing, boating fun, fireworks and many many laughs filled our 4th this year. It was one fantastic start to what became a great long weekend. The fact that the long weekend ended with my birthday (on the 6th) was just a bonus. Point is, the 4th this year was awesome.
July 14 (1)July 14 (2)July 14 (3)July 14 (4)^Girl Power! With all of my nieces, out on a paddle boat. Love these girls.^
July 14^Water Fight! My favourite picture from the day.^
July 14 (5)July 14 (6)July 14 (7)July 14 (8)July 14 (9)July 14 (10)Birthday Flowers^Such a sweet surprise ~ Birthday Flowers! From one of my brothers & his girlfriend. A lovely end to a beautiful weekend!^



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Fitness Challenge (to myself) | Week 4

^Days that start out with bright beautiful sunshine are the best, in my opinion^
View Weeks 1 here, Week 2 here and Week 3 here.
If anyone had told me that I would manage 30 minutes on the elliptical I wouldn’t have believed them. Instead I would have laughed. But, turns out I can and did. I may not have managed to last a work out everyday but in my view I accomplished more than I thought I could. More than I believed that I could.
This challenge isn’t stopping for me either. I’ve continued doing it. I just won’t be documenting it. Except perhaps with photos that include me in them ;)
Results of 30 minutes on the elliptical:
Day 22: 3.0 miles,  248 calories burned
Day 23: skipped  <– Had a little case of the Mondays.
Day 24: 3.0 miles, 249 calories burned
Day 25: skipped
Day 26: skipped
Day 27: 3.2 miles, 264 calories burned <– Woop, wasn’t expecting myself to improve on my goal of 3.0 miles, but I did. Sometimes, it does help to skip a day (or two)!
Day 28: skipped
Day 29: 3.1 miles, 253 calories burned <– Wasn’t into it but I dragged myself onto that elliptical and survived the 30 mins.
Day 30: 3.2, 264 calories burned <– Ended the challenge with a bang! *pat on the back*
Weight lost: 1.0lb. And feeling wonderful.
For the month of June I did 42.8 miles and lost 3.5lbs. I’m pretty happy & proud of those numbers. Plus I gained all the inspiration I needed to continue doing what I now know that I can do!  No more excuses.



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