Keep safe & warm. Be thankful for all that’s good in this world. Hope everyone enjoys the day! 

TG'14Happy Thanksgiving

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Soakin’ Up Summer | MN State Fair

It’s about time that I start diving into our Fall events, but first, I just want to make one final post in this series. I think a visit to the Minnesota State Fair is one of the best ways to say “Goodbye” to Summer and “Hello” to back-to-school and Fall, soon to follow.  This year I decided to take Connor on the very last day of the fair, Sept 1st. The day before school would begin again. It was the perfect ending to Summer and summer break. We were both so tired after, that we got an early night before school the next day. We’ll be making it a tradition.
Unfortunately, my timing wasn’t quite on track that day. We didn’t arrive until around noon and the place was just beginning to get crowded. We stuck to Connor’s favourite spot; the mighty midway & kidway area. Where all the games are. Going on the last day of the Fair, also meant discounts on the games. We came home with so many stuffed animals and toys. Too many. Next year I will plan to arrive far earlier and explore the other areas more.
You can view our trip there last year, here. So, how do you say “Goodbye” to Summer?


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Before we’ll be seeing the end of October (these days are going by fast, too fast) and before I start recapping on fun fall events, I have to acknowledge that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
My mother is a two-time survivor to breast cancer, currently fighting her second battle. So when I found out about a reveal of “The Caribou Coffee Arch of Hope” to help inspire those affected by breast cancer at Cancer Survivors Park held on October 4th, I had take a look for myself.
ArchofHope1ArchofHope2ArchofHope3ArchofHope4ArchofHope5^I had to go back on a sunnier day for another look^
All so pretty in pink! If you find yourself in Downtown Minneapolis, be sure to stop at Cancer Survivors Park for a look.



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